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Discover our clients comments

Discover our clients comments

As a new brand, we are happy to share our love for craftmanship, colors, uniqueness and Mediterranean influence of our products with our customers!



Spring has arrived! This bright season after winter where we start to breathe again ! Daylight and temperatures increase and the sun as source of life prepares for summer.

Authentique products


Spice up your table and food experience with our Cups, Mugs, Bowls, Plates. Discover our powerful and colorful collections for unique table set ups!


Dress up your table with our stunning tablecloths. Jump into the Mediterranean flair of our Greek stripes and colorful patterns from Provence!


Complete your interior with exquisite pieces from our accessories, find the missing special touch with us!


Don´t forget your walls! Find our paintings selection by themes fitting in any kind of interior to add some color to your walls!