Who didn’t play this popular game as a child? Who gets the three crosses or circles in line first is the winner.
We were looking for a fresh and funny design pairing with what we love, the colors blue and red and symmetric shapes. Drawing and drawing shapes this is when the “tic-tac-toe” comes straight to our mind.
And the first draft for the BLEU ROUGE collection was born. We had very clear that we wanted this for breakfast, so small plates were in and we added bowls perfect to be used for a fruit salad, yoghurt, muesli or delicious croissant and pain au chocolat. And to complete the set some mug without handle for milk or chocolate, big enough to dip your croissant or brioche in it, or to use as a well sized glass for a freshly squeezed orange juice or fruit smoothie.
For this elegant and classic color combination of red and blue we decided to use for the shape of the plate a modernized version our ceramist showed us of the typical Mallorquin plate where in this version the edge of the plate is smaller and smoother.

Once we had the BLEU ROUGE combination we had such a great feeling that we needed more of it! This feeling you have sometimes where you feel you succeeded in what you wanted and it feels damn good and you want more of it. What could be the next step? Extend the draft to more items or play with more colors? At AUTHENTIQUE we love colors and variety, so we started to mix colors and the MULTICOLOR version was born. Each item has a combination of 3 different colors and works as itself but can also combine endlessly with any tableware you might already have at home.

Our ceramic is made from earthenware handcrafted in Mallorca and easy in maintenance and can be washed in dishwasher. Each set comes wrapped in a serviette in print of the traditional “llengües” design from Mallorca in blue framed in red or red framed in blue.