Spring has arrived! This bright season after winter where we start to breathe again ! Daylight and temperatures increase and the sun as source of life prepares for summer and we feel like a rebirth, rejuvenation of life.

Spring has a strong importance in several cultures, in Persian culture the first day of the first month of the year starts at the 20th or 21st of March, the Chinese calendar celebrates the spring festival, it´s the biological indicator for plant blossoming, some animal activities under others.

At Spring plenty of colorful celebrations take place, Carnival, Easter. People kind of wake up after winter and start a new festive season, the perfect moment to add color and joy to your homes as well.

At Authentique Living we have a selection of items particularly fitting in this season. Colorful tableware from our Colorama collection available in 8 colors (light blue, red, light green, dark blue, dark green, purple, yellow, orange), perfect for this season for example mixing yellow and light blue like the new sun and the sky;

or the Tres en Raya Multicolor series with fresh and bright 3 colors perfectly matching on each item (breakfast bowl, dessert plate, mug).

Have also a look at our Provence tablecloths for example from the GRASSE collection with flowers allover. Our Grasse bleu tablecloth with blue and yellow flowers framed in sunny yellow or our Grasse rose tablecloth with light pink flowers framed in refreshing green/blue.

And not to forget our painting section with a variety of colorful choices on different themes that will brighten up your home.

Authentique Living Oil On Canvas Roosters

Wishing you a colorful spring rebirth and renewal http://AUTHENTIQUELIVING.COM